Removing Social Media Footprint Can Increase Your Chance of Success On Job

Using social media is becoming a primary aspect of our life however, no one wants to express their true selves in real life so they express their true emotions and opinions via online platforms. It seems that the carefree behavior of the individual on social media is costing them serious consequences in real life. we have clearly seen that celebrities and politicians have paid a lot just because of their opinions on Twitter and other social media platforms.

According to research, most of the recruiters now research the interviews on social media to know more about their life and opinion before finally hiring them. According to a recent survey conducted by JDP, 84% of the individuals believe that their social media activities regulate the hiring decisions and this is the reason 82% of the individuals have set up some kind of privacy on the social media profiles to avoid this screening.

The survey also revealed that one in four people using social media platforms for expressing their opinions keep their profile private whereas, one in five people realize that their opinion on social media might drag them under the bus on their current job or worse, even jeopardize any career opportunity in the future. around 43% of people, according to the survey, specifically have kept their profile private for avoiding employers and co-workers’ scrutiny and around 40% have separate accounts for personal and professional use.

To avoid any serious consequences, around 46% of the users go to search engines for evaluating their online presence and what can be found online bout them. Later, they have also used these search engine parameters to modify their online presence. The most damaging content was found on Facebook which is the reason 45% of the individuals want to hide their Facebook presence whereas, 53% of individuals want to hide their presence on twitter, 33% on Reddit and only 9% want to keep their LinkedIn profile hidden from their employees.

Half of the respondents strongly believe that employers must not be allowed to look, people up on social media the platform, the major reason behind this is that respondents feel that social media is a place where they can share their own opinion without judgment and since they know the difference between personal and professional life they must not be held accountable for their opinions online.

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