LinkedIn Revenue and Engagement increased, Microsoft says in report

The news is good but the problem is that nothing can be reached openly to the whole world since Microsoft has bought LinkedIn in 2016. Therefore, all news about the professional and career developing site is received from Microsoft only.

In the recent press release, FY20 Q1 report, it was mentioned that revenue of LinkedIn has been increased by 25 percent. Furthermore, the report says that the sessions are increased by 22 percent, as well.

According to the reports, people are engaging more on the site. They are spending more time on engaging and viewing posts and articles there. Moreover, the members have been increased from 610 million to 660 million members.

Unlike copying and imitating others, the site is improving its advertising and providing constant updates. The executives have hired more than 65 journalists to give news and updates that can grab attention. They have kept the site away from utilization of algorithms which are being used by Facebook and Twitter that give customized news to each member. And that’s what copycats are planning to do again to get contracts of numerous companies.

Besides, the site has improved the pages of different companies. They have partnered with more companies and start-ups. Moreover, they have introduced the feature of live-in; although, it is available in USA only right now but one thing is confirmed that LinkedIn is the most suitable site for B2B marketing.

Nowadays, it is getting important to be present on virtual world. It is needed to have complete profile on LinkedIn because the posts and news, coming on it, can give members a new job and easiest way to enter into the business or marketing niche in 2020.

As the Microsoft says that all forms and developments are boosting and used by members, it seems that LinkedIn is at the way to become a platform of professional communication and engagement.

Photo: Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images

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