LinkedIn Makes Updates to Language Translation

If you want to use LinkedIn, you are probably going to have to learn English. However, all of that might be changing with a new feature that is coming to LinkedIn, one that would broaden the social media platform’s language translation capabilities and therefore make it a lot easier for you to translate posts and comments that have been made in a language that you are not currently familiar with.

The main reason why LinkedIn is doing this is so that it can broaden its userbase. People that don’t speak languages that are currently supported by LinkedIn will have a tough time using the platform, and this update aims to make such issues a thing of the past all in all.

Another major benefit of this update is going to have to do with international communications. The manner in which we work is changing. We are no longer restricted to a certain geographic area in terms of the work that we are able to do. Much on the contrary, we would be able to work on our projects and employment opportunities with a more global focus. This means that a software engineer in America might be able to find a job in China, and they might be able to do this job from the comfort of their own home without having to actually go there.

However, in order to facilitate people getting these jobs LinkedIn needed to make it possible for you to translate posts that are in a different language. Getting rid of language barriers is a big part of what social media is all about, and it seems like LinkedIn is taking another step in the right direction after several others it has taken that has allowed it to grow until it now has its highest number of users ever.

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