YouTube’s App Now Has Shopping Ads

YouTube has always had ads. This has been an integral part of its business model, and it’s fair to say that a lot of users have had a bit of a love hate relationship with the platform specifically because of the fact that they don’t like having to see ads on a regular basis while they are trying to enjoy some of their favorite videos all in all.

A change is now coming to the kinds of ads that we are going to see on YouTube, and it’s fair to say that this change is going to be a contentious one among the various people using the platform, although it’s fair to say that the types of ads we see is not going to change only the content of those ads.

Basically according to the Director of Product Management at YouTube, Nicky Rettke, the fact that so many people come to YouTube specifically in order to see products that they would ideally want to buy in order to get an honest assessment of whether or not this product is truly worth the money that they are probably going to end up spending on it.
Around 65 percent of shoppers say video content has given them ideas and inspiration for purchases, and more than 90 percent of those says they've discovered products and brands through YouTube videos.
This makes YouTube prime real estate for ads that give you links that you can directly shop from. If the ads are going to be relevant to the products that you are looking into then there is definitely a good chance that you might just end up clicking on that ad, thereby generating quite a bit of revenue for YouTube all in all.

While the carousel style shopping ads have been seen on the website quite frequently they had not yet come to the app yet, but it seems like with the latest updates YouTube’s app is going to be offering these ads to its users as well which will definitely have an impact on the user experience.

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