Instagrammers cannot see all the like counts, but they can surely check who liked the content – Manual counting is still allowed

Social media has turned into a contest for everyone, where everyone is trying to beat one another based on engagement on their posts. Instagram is expanding the test of “hiding likes count” on the app to eradicate the competition and improve the mental health of its users. This new feature will hide the number of likes on Instagram posts, but the viewer can only see the names of people who liked the content. If they wish, they can count the likes manually.

Instagram started testing this feature in April in Canada from where the test expanded to Italy, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and Brazil. A week ago, Instagram commented that they want to expand their experiment to the entire U.S., but this test is running in all the countries in a small percentage of users.

As far as the feedback is concerned about the update, most users are giving positive responses; however, the test is still in progress because of its effect on other important businesses on Instagram. The aim of Instagram is to introduce changes that make people comfortable to post whatever they want on it without worrying about the number of likes on their posts. In this way, nobody will have to resort to the beauty apps, filters and other artsy ways to enhance their pictures and appear glamorous. This new update will have a great impact on the mental well-being of users.

However, Instagram’s new update will definitely pose a negative impact on the advertisers and creator industry on Instagram. Influencer marketing will be the first thing to see the impact of this change. According to HypeAuditor’s research, the popularity of influencers decreased by 3% to 15% in areas where this feature is currently tested, which is a lot.

Many creators earn from their influencing abilities on the internet, but with the likes count hidden, their clients will not be able to see the actual engagement on their posts. Only the creator could see the total number of likes on their posts, which can be manipulated by them through Photoshop or any other photo editing software. Marketers might not be able to see the actual number of likes on a post, which can affect payments.

To cater to this, Instagram might have to introduce some new methods such as private URLs, API creators, or partner dashboard, so clients can see the stats themselves.

Instagram is aware of how these changes will influence bloggers, however, they have made it clear that they will not hesitate to make changes that promote everyone’s health and well-being.

Even though influencer marketing will be affected negatively, but there is a great chance that people will resort to Instagram’s original ad marketing that will increase Instagram’s revenue.

It is yet to see how these new changes will affect people all over the world and how will everyone conceive it.

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