Apple News+ Has Been Stagnating Since Launch

These days the name of the game is content, and offering places where a lot of interesting content can be found is the sort of thing that many tech companies are investing vast amounts of money in. Apple is attempting to become a source of news for people that are looking for it by providing an exclusive service that they call Apple News+, and when it was launched back in March it actually made quite a splash by obtaining a whopping 200,000 subscribers around 48 hours after it was initially launched.

While these numbers appeared promising, it turns out that according to sources close to the subject matter the platform has been quite stagnant ever since then. CNBC reports that the user count has not increased all that much at all, and this is bad news for the people that were hoping that this platform would end up being a huge success.

There are a lot of potential reasons why Apple News+ has failed to find an audience in spite of the good start. For starters, the initial rush of subscriptions could have been because of the fact that this was a new service that was offering a free trial period. Users were probably not all that satisfied with the product and hence the number of users cancelling subscriptions probably didn’t fall too far behind the number of people subscribing to the service.

As a result of this fact, it seems apparent that Apple might just be bundling this service up with other services that it is providing such as Apple TV+. Apple Music might also be bundled together with these other services, streamlining the package and giving Apple more of a chance to advertise the whole bundle to users that might be interested in at least two of the services that would come with paying the monthly fee.

Photo source: Apple

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