Instagram Featured in Facebook Transparency Report. Hate Speech, Spam, Fake Accounts Absent

One of the major problems that social media platforms are facing in this modern era is that they are struggling with trying to keep the trust that the public has in them. Facebook in particular has made so many huge mistakes as well as potential intentional steps that the public just does not trust it nearly as much as it used to, and this is one of the main reasons why Facebook releases a quarterly transparency report that talks a lot about what steps it is taking in order to protect the sense of community that the platform offers to its various users.

For the first time since the company became part of Facebook, Instagram has been included in the transparency report. What the image and video sharing platform is doing in order to target abuse of children on its platform has been addressed in the transparency report, along with other kinds of content that is harmful to the platform overall such as images that include self harm, terrorism related content as well as overall incitements to violence.
"We do not allow content that sexually exploits or endangers children on Instagram.", explained the report. Adding further, "Content action (in the category of Child Nudity and Sexual Exploitation of Children) increased from 512.4K pieces of content in Q2 2019 to 753.7K in Q3 2019, driven by a few pieces of content that were shared widely very quickly, copies of which we proactively detected and removed."
Facebook's Community Standards Enforcement Report about Instagram also explains that "Views of violating content that contains child nudity and exploitation are very infrequent, and we remove much of this content before people see it."

The important thing to note here, though, is that Facebook has not included a lot of things that many people have taken issue with in the quarterly report. For example, Facebook’s policies on hate speech have been called into question quite frequently by a lot of users, and this has led to a lot of discontent.

Two other things that have been left out of the report include violent posts and abusive accounts, both of which were addressed in a previous report. It is currently unknown why these two very important facets were not addressed in the report, but Facebook will have to pay a lot more attention to detail if it wants to win back the trust of the public that it has lost by such a stunning margin.

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