Instagram Ready to Pay For Production Cost If Celebrities Leave Politics

Instagram is ready to bear the production cost for the videos of celebrities who will not indulge in politics or elections.

According to Bloomberg, the Facebook-owned app recently distributed contracts to content creators and brands, clearly stating that the videos that are funded by Instagram for its IGTV should not show any political or related to elections or social issues.

Some of the influencers and content creators, who have been contacted for posting clips on IGTV, have been warned not to discuss their personal views on the platform’s feature.

On the other hand, parent company, Facebook, has slightly different policy and defends political speeches online. Many users criticized Facebook for letting politicians lie in the advertisements shown on the platform.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, defends the idea of allowing political ads without fact-checked. However, Instagram’s IGTV have different and strict policy against the political clips on the platform.

Facebook spokesperson said in the last few years they have supported video content creators on their platforms by giving them some guidelines to follow. The company is of the view that allowing someone to share their political views is different than company itself funding the views of a specific person.

Facebook also deals with content creators and uses Facebook Watch feature for it but it has news organizations onboard as well, that would definitely talk about politics.

Facebook has already been criticized for spreading misinformation and manipulating the 2016 U.S. elections. Though Instagram has not received much backlash in this regard but the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri said they are equally as big target as Facebook is for political manipulation.

IGTV has various kinds of videos, like sports, entertainment, politics and music. People also often upload clips of their favorite shows and dramas on IGTV.

The new IGTV deals provided by Instagram offer thousands of dollars for the content creators and in return they would have to make defined number of posts. There are several deals that influencers and creators can choose according to their need.

One of the biggest deals is of $250K for making over 20 posts. There are also other guidelines for creating funded video content, like no third party can then sponsor these posts. The content cannot be promoted on other sites like YouTube, neither it can have sweepstakes or giveaways.

Incentives given by Instagram are comparatively smaller than the programs offered by Facebook watch and YouTube. Also, according to the policy of Instagram, it would only pay for the production cost and not other services.

In June 2018, Instagram introduced IGTV in competition to YouTube and tried engaging several users. However, it somehow managed several users to its new feature but initially, after months of its launch, many of the popular accounts on the platform did not even use it.

Instagram Ready to Pay For Production Cost If Celebrities Leave Political Topics
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