There’s an experimental change in the Instagram’s DMs and Activity position. Here’s how users are reacting

Social media apps nowadays are not just networking hubs for entertainment they are now more of platforms providing hundreds of opportunities to millions of people on a daily basis. Instagram is one of the largest social network where the majority of the creators are earning revenue through one way or another.

Some people are using this app as a medium to share their thoughts and feelings and this makes them influencers in that specific niche.

New change in Instagram

No one wants frequent changes in their lives, do they? We all get so much attached to the repetitive routines in our lives that a slight change in it makes us uncomfortable. Recently, it was revealed that Instagram is experimenting with a slight change in the interface. According to a Reddit thread, Instagram is experimenting with a new design by swapping the activity and DMs position on the app.

Reactions of social media users to this new change

People usually get so much attached to their usual routines that an instant change always creates outrage among them. The majority of the users are just confused as to why Instagram needed this change at all. The majority of the Instagram users are protesting against this new change as this means new positions for activity and DMs on Instagram which people are not well-versed with.

Instagram is a platform that is always trying to bring more ease in the life of its users and this slight change in the position of Activity and DMs is another attempt by the social network to bring comfort for its users while scrolling through the Instagram feed. With this new change, users can access the DMs more easily as compared to the previous position of DMs but it appears some users are not happy with it. Users are sharing negative feedback regarding this change as it was not needed at all.

"Can insta go an update without changing something for no reason", another user wrote on Reddit. While Jostino said, "Lot of people didn't know about the existence of the DM messages... This change can help them to discover it".

Bottom Line

Instagram is a social media platform with millions of users engaging on a daily basis. This social platform always attempts to bring comfort for its users and some new ways to engage with a variety of new users. People whenever exposed to a sudden change display negative feedback on instance but later on they usually get used to new changes too so even though right now this new change is full of negative feedback from majority of the Instagram users but we think with the passage of time this negativity might change into a positive feedback as Instagram will not be changing the positions back anytime soon at all.

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