Twitter To Change Its Inactive Account Policy And Introduce Memorialize Account Feature

Twitter, after receiving feedback, finally decided to change the way it handles the inactive account. The platform will now create “Memorialize” accounts of users who pass away. But before it, Twitter confirmed that it will deactivate inactive accounts this week to ensure accurate and credible information.

The company apparently did not consider the deceased users while it decided to remove the inactive accounts on the platform and received much negative feedback.

If Twitter removes the inactive accounts – that have not tweeted in almost six months – it would result in deleting all the content of accounts whose users are no more alive.

Critics think Twitter should reconsider its step and think about how it will affect humans and the possible emotional cost.

Twitter said that they have the same policy about inactive users for a long time but never strictly followed it. Initially, the new feature will be introduced in only some of the countries in the European Union.

The company has also said that it will not remove all inactive accounts, instead, it will first “memorialize” the accounts of deceased users and preserve their content.

Twitter further added that it will refine or expand its inactive account policy to make it up to the level of global privacy regulations. These changes will then be communicated at a broad level before the platform will implement it.

The micro-blogging platform has not made clear what it intends before introducing the “memorialization” of accounts but it can surely look up to Facebook that already has this feature for people who are no more but their memories are preserved for others.

Twitter To Change Its Inactive Account Policy And Introduce Memorialize Account Feature
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