You May Soon Notice A New Layout On Instagram’s IGTV and Explore Feed

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms with millions of users engaging daily. We are living among the generation of internet explorers and there’s nothing more social media users want than some followers who show love to the content they share.

Instagram currently working on some new features

Every passing second a new technology is introduced to users and to compete tech companies always need to keep on launching various updates to keep their platforms interesting for users. Instagram no doubt is the most liked social media platform along with Facebook, but still, if you keep using the same thing daily, you’ll usually get bored. So, to not let its users get bored and to move to some more interesting platforms Instagram is now working on a new design for its IGTV feed and Explore Tab as well.

Instagram is working on two small redesigns within the interface of its app. These new redesigns were discovered by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who claimed that Instagram is currently developing new designs for its IGTV feed and Explore tab within the app. Just similar to TikTok, Instagram is expected to launch a vertical scrolling Explore tab within the app instead of its old grid styled layout which can be seen currently. According to Wong, the Explore tab within Instagram is also expected to be categorized like Humor, Style, etc. Now scrolling vertically in the Explore tab will provide users with endless content which is pretty similar to what TikTok is already offering its users. The Explore Tab will no longer be in the Grid layout after this update.

Last week, Instagram announced to its users that it is currently testing making likes private on its platform and the test begin globally on 14th November. At first, Instagram was reported to be working on removing likes from the social network in April but later on in July the the Facebook-owned platform came out stating that it will be running an experiment to hide the total number of likes and video views for users from specified regions including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and New Zealand as well. Last week it was revealed that this experiment of hiding likes on the platform also started in the US so if you can no longer see the total number of likes and views on friends pictures and videos posted in your feed this means that you’re also a part of the test. Instagram will also notify the users in their feed if they’re part of the test.

Bottom Line

Technology is updating every passing day and Instagram despite being one of the largest social media platform still needs to update along with the new changes. These new updates by Instagram is an attempt to make the platform more interesting for its existing users and to also engage a variety of new audience on the platform.

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