Instagram Has Made a Big Change to IGTV

Instagram has been Facebook’s guinea pig for a lot of different things. When Facebook wanted to compete with Vine, it started letting you make short videos on the platform. When Facebook wanted to try and compete with Snapchat for the younger demographic that was definitely proving to be an important market for social media platforms to look into, Instagram got Stories. And when Facebook wanted to try and compete with YouTube, it launched Instagram TV (IGTV), a hub for long form content within the Instagram App.

However, IGTV has been struggling to find the kind of following that YouTube has, and for a long time it seems like Facebook has left it more or less on the backburner. However, a recent update made to the platform is definitely going to prove to be a game changer. Basically (as spotted by María Victoria Villena and tweeted by Matt Navarra) now you will be able to see reach on the various IGTV videos that you upload. This is something that would prove to be incredibly important for one main reason.

IGTV was mostly meant to be some kind of a hub for content creators as well as influencers. However, people that work in these two fields are not going to find much use for a platform that doesn’t provide them with the same level of engagement metrics that other platforms offer.

Hence, the fact that these creators and influencers would now get proper reach metrics is going to help them post more on the platform. This also indicates a renewed focus on IGTV, which means that we might start seeing a lot more creators headed to that platform. With so many big name companies signing talent for their content archives, we might just see a few YouTubers getting paid big bucks to transport their audience to IGTV by posting their content exclusively on that particular platform.

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