Adobe’s ‘About Face’ lets you check if the face has been Photoshopped

Adobe never stop playing with new tools and features, which is why it stays on the top of the creativity game. MAX conference is a platform where Adobe allows its engineers experiments with new projects. If the experiment is worthy enough then it is added in the Adobe products. In this year’s MAX conference, ‘About Face’ took the center stage. About Face detects if an image has been manipulated or not, great news, right?

Today people have a lot of tools and applications that help them edit their photos in a good or a bad way. It has become incredibly difficult to differentiate between real and fake images (especially on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram); however, Adobe has yet again taken care of that.

All you have to do is plug in the image, after which the detection algorithm will run on the face and detects if the individual pixels are manipulated or not. It presents a virtual heatmap that lets the user see the altered regions with manipulation. It checks if the pixel has been interpolated, stretched or squished.

The tool even lets you to undo the changes and return the image to its original condition. The demo was remarkable at the conference and everyone is of good view on the future of this tool with regards to detecting deepfakes and fake news.

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