Adobe Now Lets You Access Photoshop Features via Smartphone Camera!

During the most recent Adobe Max conference, Adobe gave a sneak peek of a new app named Photoshop Camera. The app will bring Photoshop editing tools and AI to the smartphone cameras.

For starters, you will be able to use this app to capture photos and then edit and share them on social media platforms. What’s new is that the app also comes with impressive Photoshop-level tools, custom lenses, automatic AI adjustments etc.

It looks like social media users and influencers are Adobe’s target audience for the new app instead of professional photographers. According to Adobe, the Sensei AI is used for identifying a photo’s subject (selfies, portraits etc.) as well as recommending and automatically applying the most suitable adjustments for any given shot. Additionally, it comes with the knowledge of technical content concerned with a photo i.e. dynamic range, scene-type etc.

A few sample images have also hit the web giving users a glimpse of the app’s functionality. A number of filters that alter a dog shot, landscapes etc, a selfie that is presented in comic form and a picture of Golden Gate Bridge with an added “scenery” filter are some of the examples that resemble with the functionalities of a standard camera app.

Some light should also be shed on the use of lenses. Likely to be in-app purchases, Adobe said that the lenses accessible to users are created by renowned artists and designers. A few lenses were showed that featured pop artists Billie Ellish. The lenses in question implemented colorful backgrounds and fancy pop art style filters.

Therefore, it can be said that Adobe has done quite an impressive work with respect to the app in question. The AI techniques will surely prove to be a treat to use. The Photoshop Camera has already had a public preview release on both iOS and Android and you are welcome to sign up to try it out!

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