Finally, You Can Report Abusive And Low Quality Trends On Twitter and Get Rid of the Toxicity

Be it Twitter or Facebook, everyone is trying to get rid of spam and toxicity on the platform by eliminating the factors contributing to it. Many security and privacy breaches along with hate speech has caused a lot of damage on these social networks, which is why Twitter is acting in a more decisive way to get rid of this dilemma.

Recently, Twitter announced the banning of all forms of political advertising on the platform so that Twitter cannot be used for misinformation. On the other hand, Facebook is still facing criticism on their policies towards political advertising.

Twitter is a place where single news can become the headline of the day in the form of trends. There have been many instances that celebrities and politicians were trolled on the platform based on a single trend. Often, these trends are toxic enough to affect anyone’s life, which is a reason why you can get rid of a Twitter trend now.

Twitter has introduced a new update on its platform, which enables the user to get rid of the Twitter trend by just reporting it. This feature was first spotted by Matt Navarra and Giuseppe Foresta last year in September. Users can easily report inappropriate trends under four categories including the trend is spam, this trend is abusive or harmful, this trend is a duplicate, and this trend is low quality.

An algorithm will evaluate the responses on the trend and will take action to remove them from Twitter. Currently, the feature is not available for everyone and there is a chance that you would have to clear cache to access it or you can access it by visiting

Here's How To Report Abusive, Spammy, Duplicate And Low Quality Twitter Trends On Web

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