YouTube Experiments With New Comments Layout in App

YouTube has been conducting several experiments with its layout recently, most of which have something or the other to do with how comments are viewed in the app. While most of the time the comments that you see are visible if you just scroll down, YouTube experimented with hiding the comments behind a button that you would have to tap in order to access the comments.

Since most YouTube users tend to consider the comments to be an integral part of the YouTube experience, this experiment did not go that well. Hence, YouTube is now trying to focus on making the comments that you see as clearly visible as possible, and it is testing out a new layout in order to make this goal a reality in the context of the app that it provides to its various users.

The new layout that they are testing out will be a little different from what you might be used to. While the comments are still going to be located below the What’s Next category, there will be three top comments that you would be able to see right beneath the description of the video. If you click on these comments you would be taken to the comment section and you would be able to take part in the discussions that are currently going on in this section of the app.

The manner in which the top comments would be selected would involve a variety of factors. How recently the comment was posted will matter, and if the creator has pinned a comment then this will likely be part of the top three comments. Also, comments with over 140 characters will not be considered, nor will comments that have links in them or seem to be advertising something in some way.

Screenshot: Reddit.

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