Now You can Report Driving Incidents on Google Maps from you Android and Apple Devices

Remember how difficult it was before Google Maps to reach a place without avoiding heavy traffic on the roads? Unfortunately, you cannot change a route once you are stuck in the traffic, but you can be aware of the upcoming traffic that you can face on the route so you can change it pretty easily.

Google Maps has surely made everyone’s life easier since the day it was introduced. There is a reason why Google Maps is always everyone’s first preference when they are looking for directions, open routes or anything.

Recently, Google Maps came with a new feature, which gives extra comfort and feasibility to the users. You can now report driving incidents on your Google Maps to give real-time information to the people about certain routes.

Previously, only Android users were able to report traffic slowdowns, speed traps, and crashes on their Google Map but now iOS users will also, be able to take advantage of it.

The new update by Google Maps allows users to report four new types of incidents including lane closures, objects on the road, disabled vehicles, and construction.

This added real-time information will further help in clearing traffic from the areas where such incidents are reported. To report any of these driving incidents, just tap on the plus icon then “Add a report” and fill in the incident.

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