Facebook Makes New GIFs Tab for Stories

If you check out the various updates that Facebook has made to its platform over the past year or so, this will give you some sense of the kind of trajectory that they are headed in. This would potentially allow you to guess what Facebook’s goals are going to be in the future, not only predicting what features that they are going to continue focusing on but what this says about the overall direction of the company as well.

One feature that Facebook has been pushing for quite some time is the Stories format, and it’s fair to say that the social media juggernaut has managed to take away what made it’s temporary rival Snapchat so unique. However, just because the Stories feature has become so popular on Facebook does not mean that the work is finished. Indeed if Facebook wants to keep being ahead of the curve it will have to consistently innovate, and a new update to Stories might indicate that Facebook is doing just that.

The update that is coming will create a brand new tab, one that would have all of the gifs as well as emojis that you could potentially end up using in your stories. As spotted by Matt Navarra, this would make it a great deal easier for you to add these kinds of multimedia to your Stories. This update makes sense because of the fact that gifs and emojis are a very popular way for people to get the message across, and if Facebook wants to stay popular with the Gen Z crowd then it will have to facilitate the use of emojis and gifs particularly in Stories.

Giving gifs and emojis their own tab will improve access to them because you won’t have to scroll through a list of these kinds of multimedia. Much on the contrary, accessing them will become a great deal more intuitive.

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