An App Store Bug removed over 20 million Ratings from over 300 Apps

Recently, the iOS store was faced with a week-long bug that removed over 20 million reviews from 300 apps by around 200 developers. Overnight, the ratings were swept off from these apps, which brought the overall ratings of these apps to the worst minimum.

Some of the most popular apps also affected by the bug including Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Microsoft, Google, and many others. Not just the big developers but many small developers were also affected by this bug. The bug started to affect the app on 23rd October and was not catered to until 29th October.

The removal of 20 million ratings was spotted by the Appfigures that depicted the loss of both positive and negative reviews on App store apps.

On average, the apps witnessed a loss of around 50% ratings from their apps. Some countries were more affected by the others among which the U.S. ranked on top of the list.

The U.S. alone lost around 10 million ratings apart from other 155 countries that were also hit with the bug. Similarly, some apps faced the bug consequences more than the others, for instance, Hulu lost around 95% of its ratings; whereas, Chase and Dropbox lost around 85% of them.

These are not the only apps that were influenced by the sweep. When asked about the removal of ratings, several companies reported that they were also shocked by the removal of ratings from their apps.

Some of the companies affected by the bug have told media outlets that their ratings were recovered overnight. From what it seems like, Apple reported that it was only a bug and the ratings were only removed temporarily.

Apple apologized to the developers and stated that they are trying to work harder on improving their ratings, but for now, the bug has been resolved.

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