Facebook is Reportedly Planning on Launching Group Sets!

Facebook Groups help us in keeping things organized on the platform. We can create a study group with our batch-mates to discuss about the class, tests and exams etc. We can join a group dedicated to our favorite TV show and find like-minded people there.

In short, Groups ensure that people of a particular interest are bound together. Now, it looks like Facebook is planning on making the Group feature even more organized!

Recently, renowned App Researcher Jane Manchun Wong tweeted about Facebook working on Group Sets. She explained that these sets will be like Friend Lists but in place of user profiles, they will list Groups.

Wong attached a screenshot with her tweet as well to give the users a better idea about the feature. As the screenshot indicates, a user can Create a Set by choosing all the Groups that they would like to include in it. In order to view the Sets, user can head over to “Your Groups” section.

Group Sets will come in handy when there are multiple groups of the same type. By putting all such groups in one set, the clutter will be reduced and users will have an easy time finding a particular group.

As of now, there’s no word regarding when this feature will go live. However, we will definitely keep you updated, so stay tuned!

Facebook is working on Group Sets. It’s like Friend Lists but for Groups

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