Facebook Stories Gets a New User Interface

It seems like pretty much every single update that has been coming to Facebook as of late has involved Facebook stories, and the fact of the matter is that this makes sense because Stories is one of the hottest features that Facebook has to offer right now and it will definitely be trying to beef it up as much as possible so as to ensure that people keep using the platform even as a wide variety of competitors continue to try to get in on the audience that this social media giant has managed to attain for itself over a long period of time.

The latest update that is coming to Stories has to do with its user interface. Whereas the old interface had big windows that allowed you to select a feature that you wanted to utilize in order to personalize your Story and make it something that is more representative of you, the newer user interface looks like it is going to a lot more utilitarian. According to the screenshot shared by Matt Navarra, this new UI has a much more minimalist approach, with small circles replacing the large rectangles that you previously used to see. Not only will these icons use up a lot less real estate, there is a clear focus on substance over style here.

A lot of users are commenting on the fact that this new user interface is very similar to what Instagram offers. This makes sense because of the fact that Instagram is in fact a Facebook owned entity, and Facebook will be trying to make a lot of its features compatible with its own platform. However, this might strip each individual platform of its uniqueness and identity, and create a uniformity that certain users might not enjoy. However, overall this focus on efficiency and saving real estate on your screen definitely seems to be a step in the right direction.

Facebook is testing a new UI for its story creation mode
Screenshots comparing previous and current Facebook story creation user interface

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