Major Takeaways from Facebook Publishing in Q3 2019

The team at Newswhip recently published a report "Facebook Publishing: Q3 2019" highlighting several interesting insights in it. We will be discussing a couple of the takeaways that have got people talking about Facebook Publishing!

Speaking about Engagements to Web Content over time, it can be seen that engagement usually varies during the third quarter every year. Last year, a slight fall in the engagement was observed during Q3. As for Q3 2019, the engagement remained quite stable from week to week. There were a couple of weeks where the engagement was comparatively less than that during the same weeks in 2017. Moreover, the year as a whole was quite inconsistent in comparison to the last couple of years.

Moving over to the top 100 stories on Facebook in the last quarter, almost half of them were soft news. Soft news can include family related as well as animal-oriented stories. In short, anything that isn’t critical in nature but possesses the potential to go viral falls under this category. 48% of top stories of 2019 so far are soft news. This genre is followed by Politics (19%).

Stories concerning Climate Change have also increased in quantity over the last few months. This can be attributed to the unfortunate burning of the Amazon as well as the contributions made by Greta Thurnberg. In short, one in every ten top stories is about the climate change.

Another interesting read that comes from the report is about the Top 10,000 Posts. As expected, visual content dominated this category. Links and Statuses didn’t even come close. Over 46% of the top posts on the platform (4,636 in total) were Native Videos. As impressive as it sounds, the number was down from the previous quarter’s 55%. Native Videos were followed by Photos which were included in 4,532 of the top posts.

It is quite interesting to note that Native Videos and Photos made up more than 90% of the Top Posts on Facebook.

In the end, it should be kept in mind that overall engagement to web content was up when compared to 2018’s Q3. However, it witnessed a slight dip from Q2 2019. Fox, NBC and CNN emerged as the top three publishers of the last quarter. Soft news/Viral Stories dominated the charts. The number of Photos came quite close to that of Native Videos among the Top 10,000 posts on the platform.

As for the Top Page and Posts by Reaction, the variance was quite high and almost every category had a different best performing Page or Post. It should also be noted that although LADbible’s engagements in Q3 weren’t as much as they were in Q2, the page still emerged as the top native publisher on Facebook of Q3.

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