Facebook Is Working on A New Type of Group: Work Groups

One of the main focuses for Facebook over the past year or so has been bolstering its community centered focus, and one of the many ways in which it has been doing this has involved making its Groups feature more popular among the various people that use them. They have done so by adding features to Groups, boosting their visibility and overall making the creation and joining of a group a much more attractive place than it would have been before.

It seems like Facebook’s focus on Groups is going to continue unabated because it has just launched a new kind of Group. This is a specialized Work Group that you can create and join for the sole purpose of networking. Facebook has been working on Workplace for some time now and has been offering it as a service for a lot of people to use, and it is currently unclear how Work Groups are going to feature in the whole conversation. However, they are definitely a part of it now, and it seems like they are going to roll out soon.

As revealed by Matt Navarra, when someone checks your profile from a Work Group they are going to be able to see your work details instead of your personal details, and they would also be able to message you based on work related posts that you have made.

Facebook seems to be targeting LinkedIn head on with these updates, and by extension it is competing with LinkedIn’s parent company Microsoft which is a fellow member of the Big Five. While LinkedIn is an established part of the working community, this wouldn’t be the first time that a new service eclipses the old. However, only time will tell whether or not Facebook’s attempts to create an environment where people can gain employment from social media will actually end up working, although based on the platform’s level of popularity it definitely seems likely.

Facebook is testing a LinkedIn-like feature to help you find who viewed your profile (the feature will work only in Work Groups).

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