Facebook's New Product Experimentation Team to Launch New Apps Soon

On Tuesday, Facebook's Tech engineers announced that they are starting a new venture consisting of a New Product Experimentation (NPE) Team. The team will be responsible for the launch and development of new applications and designs. These applications will give a complete new experience of community building to the people.

Facebook has faced several privacy scandals in the past and these new apps will prove that Facebook is capable of thinking big. The NPE team will have the authority to alter or shut down any application if it failed to benefit. With the new project, Facebook is willing to attract the youngsters in US that lost interest in it after the privacy scandals.

Facebook has recently bought WhatsApp messaging service, Instagram photo-sharing app and has successfully copied the Snapchat’s stories filter.

The new apps can prove to be turning point for Facebook and can show the world that Facebook can make dollars even out of its social network. The new apps can attract the 2.38 billion monthly active users and who knows that the new product might prove to be beneficial for Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency.

Some of the new apps might come without any cost but some will have in-app purchases. Libra cryptocurrency can be added as a payment option in it to benefit from here as well.

Creative Labs, another initiative of Facebook worked for 2 years and successfully created multiple apps but none of it got the attention of users. Now the main question is if the NPE team will be able to overcome the loss by the Creative Labs.

Facebook has announced that the new apps might be available internationally and some of them might be limited to only few countries.

The new apps can be either business or game apps but the question is if they will attract the active users this time? Facebook has announced that the team comprises of several experts that are looking over the project and are monitoring the target audience as well.

Soon, Facebook will release the “supplemental terms” that will give a slight hint of the new apps.

As promising as it appears, this time Facebook need to be more careful with the implementation and promotion of the plan.

NPE Team, LLC, is a developer name that Facebook will use to launch new apps focused on giving people entirely new experiences for building community.
Photo: FB / Media Gallery

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