Good news for Groups Admin: Facebook is planning to introduce an Interesting Change to its Watch Party Feature!

Let’s face it; Watch Parties have definitely played a big role in improving our video-viewing experience on Facebook. The social media king understood that most people prefer watching something collectively rather than individually. Watch Parties is a feature available for groups through which members can host live sessions of videos.

The feature in question allows group members to watch a particular video at the same time and comment on it to engage with other live viewers.

However, with every good move come people with bad intentions. There have been several instances where group members have started Watch Parties and streamed inappropriate or illegal content. By the time admins get a hold of such behavior, the stream has already ended or is in progress at the very least.

To tackle this issue, the social media giant is planning to introduce an interesting change to its group settings. According to renowned social media consultant Matt Navarra (an app researcher from future), group admins now have the power to decide who can host Watch Parties in their groups. As of now, there are two available options i.e. only admins or anyone in the group.

According to Navarra’s tweet, the feature is rolling out and if you administer a Facebook group, you are welcome to make modifications to your group’s Watch Party settings.

It remains to be seen if Facebook has plans for adding yet another option in this regards that allows admins to filter out certain people from starting a Watch Party. Until then, it’s either the admins or everyone. Stay tuned for potential updates!

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