Snapchat will Facts-Check all Political Ads, Said CEO Evan Spiegel

All advertisements on the Snapchat are subjected to reviews, including the political advertisements, said the Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel in an interview with CNBC.

According to Spiegel, Snapchat is willing to engage its young users in political debate but misinformation cannot be tolerated in the advertising. Therefore, fact-checking is performed to ensure the ad is not misleading.

Snapchat’s spokesperson said, every ad is checked by a team of human moderators who make sure that these ads follow guidelines of the platform and there is no misleading or deceiving content. Some of the ads have been turned by the company for not falling into the pre-defined guidelines.

There was already a debate going on about political ads on other leading social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Google. Now Snapchat has also cleared its stance.

Facebook has already faced much backlash from lawmakers as well as its own employees for not fact-checking the political ads. However, Twitter had an opposite stance and said it would ban most political ad but its practical implementation is still questionable.

Google has also announced a ban on political ads globally.

Though the digital advertising business of Snapchat is a lot less than Facebook but it is intelligently handling the issue by reviewing the content from their rivals.

Photo: SIPA USA/PA Images

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