You’re too naive if you think Facebook is going to Fact-check its political Ads

There are no hopes from Facebook that it will do any Fact-check for its political ads at all. If you really think that Facebook is the one always settling a dispute on political truth then you better open your eyes because it’s not. Facebook will not be doing any fact-checking for its political ads at all.

According to the VP of Facebook’s Global Marketing Solutions named Carolyn Everson, Facebook has no plans to change its political ads policy despite the criticism it received from so many pundits and even from 2020 presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren. Everson during a Code Media conference in Hollywood also asked its listeners that whether they really want Facebook to be the judge of political truth?

Over the past few months, Facebook has been criticized a lot for its decision to completely take a hands-off approach to the political ads posted on the platform. Even though there were so many people who criticized but Warren was one of the loudest critiques who has been accusing Facebook of running political ads with false claims. To claim her point regarding Facebook running false ads, Warren intentionally lied in a Facebook ad in October to show the viewers that Facebook runs ads with fact-checks at all. This is the latest run-in between Facebook and Warren who constantly called out the U.S. government to break up the company along with some other major tech firms as well.

Response from Zuckerberg

To the so many accusations for various critics, Zuckerberg responded and stated that the company doesn’t want to decide itself what is true and which content is false in its political ads despite so many people disagreeing with the firm, the platform thinks that its unethical for the private company to censor the content from politicians or news in a democracy.

Twitter in comparison to Facebook accused of running political ads with false content is now shutting down most of its political ads. Starting this week, Twitter is completely closing the political ads from the platform even though they generated some amount of revenue to the platform.

According to Everson, who highlighted so many of Zuckerberg’s comments while addressing in her Code interview and according to her Facebook and Zuckerberg are least expected to make any rules and regulations around its political ads and the privacy of its consumers but the social media platform is expected to see some rules generated from the government itself.

Bottom Line

Facebook has always been surrounded by various scandals and no matter what the platform always rises among it all. Even though the accusations from Warren and the statements by Everson are somehow true but we also agree a bit with Zuckerberg too that the platform shouldn’t censor the content according to the demands of its users but we also think the platform should put an end to the spread of false information on the social media platform.

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