The security flaw in the Jetpack WordPress Plugin creates problem for all exposed websites

Jetpack is a famous security plugin for WordPress that is responsible for providing free security to the content management system (CMS) along with site status and performance features. It also creates site backups, offers brute-force attack protection does malware scanning, and secure logins as well.

Recently, the new 7.9.1 version of Jetpack released that can be easily downloaded. All those websites that are on WordPress are advised to be immediately updated to this version to avoid the security flaw being detected in the Jetpack 5.1 and above versions.

By updating to this new update, all the websites can become secure from potential attacks leading to vulnerability. Jetpack is not a small plugin, rather it has more than 5 million active installations. It is currently controlled by WordPress’s Automattic.

About vulnerability and the damage it has caused

Adham Sadaqah disclosed the security issue, which was detected in the way Jetpack processed embed code. If a website was not updated, then there is less chance that they would be affected by this version of the Jetpack. However, all the versions above 5.1 were affected by it since July 2017.

The damage caused by the vulnerability is yet to discover as it was just surfaced on the release of Jetpack 7.9.1. The spokesperson of Jetpack suggests that the websites will be updated to the new version, which will resolve the security issue. Jetpack has released patches of all their updates since 5.1 to show how many websites will be under the threat of this security issue.

Bottom Line

If your Jetpack is working on 7.9.1, then there is no way you have to be scared of the security issue. Jetpack has faced many other vulnerability issues in the past as well, but it always overcame them.

Jetpack is expected to become a secure plugin, but it’s yet to see!

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