Facebook Experiments With Shop Style Feeds

One thing that Facebook has been working on recently has been a move into the world of eCommerce. Looking to compete with the likes of Amazon, the social media platform has been trying to take advantage of its immense user base by attempting to entice them into buying products while in the midst of their social media experience.

Instagram got a few updates that were meant to optimize it for the eCommerce move that Facebook was making, and now it seems that Facebook is optimizing its own platform in order to make it easier for people to do their shopping as well.

According to Jane Manchun Wong, the platform is working on a new kind of feed that you would get, one that it is referring to as the “Shop Styles Feed”. In a lot of ways this feed is similar to what you might see on Instagram with the Checkout feature, but streamlined to fit more into Facebook’s own aesthetic.

The purpose of this feed is to give people something that they can browse through while scrolling and if something ends up catching their eye then they might just end up buying it. This is an important facet of using the platform. Most people just want something that they can scroll through, something that would enable them to pass the time. If this time passing activity leads to more people shopping on the platform then it might just end up helping the platform to establish its eCommerce angle.

Now that this change has been implemented, it seems likely that Facebook is going to introduce a lot more changes all of which are going to help establish the platform as a legitimate contender in the world of eCommerce, one that people will start taking a great deal more seriously as a wide variety of features end up being added.

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