Instagram’s Spark AR Now Has Tracking Effect And Slider Controls To Give Tough Time To Snapchat

Facebook is all set to give Snapchat a tough time, especially after launching a Spark AR platform for all creators on Instagram.

On 25th Nov, Spark AR's version 76 has been released by the company that has support for two new AR effect options for developers. There are also some other changes in order to improve the overall AR experience for creators.

One of the prominent features is Target Tracking, just like the Marker Tracking on Snapchat that makes the posters, images, and logo AR canvas where the creators can add 3D content as well as other AR effects.

Spark AR said they want to make AR available to maximum people possible. Many high-to-end mobile devices will be able to have access to target track effects with the best user experience possible. This is to let people of all markets enjoy the Spark AR effects.

The team further stated that the recent updates are focused on static images but they are continuously working to other functionalities, like multi-tracking and moving target tracking. This would give a better user experience when using Spark AR.

Starbucks had the chance to test the upcoming functionalities, the advanced features of AR on Instagram, according to the Facebook spokesperson. Through this experiment, users who scan the 2019 series holiday cup will be delivered season greetings in AR.

Also, the Spark AR creators can use the Native UI Sliders that will let them adjust the impact of AR effect like control the size of the object or how much it should immerse, in real-time.

There are two other features as well, templates and Actions. For common AR experiences, Spark AR will have templates like face masks, color filters, 3D objects, etc. whereas, Actions feature in Spark AR allows shortcuts of patches that are commonly used. This would let creators work quickly without requiring many clicks.

The In-App upload features are also now available that let users publish through Spark AR directly.

The latest version of Spark AR Studio can now be downloaded on compatible Mac OS and Windows computers.

Though these features might be helpful for developers but on the other hand, it reduces the gaps between Snapchat and Instagram. Snapchat’s Marker Tracking has been used in Ads of brands like Nike and HBO. Also, the slider UI was the main feature of Time Machine lens of Snapchat.

Instagram, within a year, has been able to collaborate with some VIP brands like Pepsi and Christain Dior, which used the AR effects of the app.

There might be a tussle between Instagram and Snapchat regarding who wins bigger clients but the ultimate winner is only AR that is increasing the competition in the market.

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