7 Tools to Connect You With Social Media Influencers (infographic)

If you want to acquire the best kind of marketing that money can buy then it would be a good idea for you to look into hiring an influencer to talk about a relevant product or service you are trying to promote. Indeed, study suggests, every dollar that you spend on an influencer is going to give you returns of about six dollars and fifty cents, proving that this is a worthy investment that you should definitely try looking into. The benefits can be even higher than this as well, with certain top level businesses getting a whopping twenty dollars in returns for every dollar they spent on influencers.

One thing that social media has changed is that it has completely altered who has influence and who doesn’t. You had to be a big star of television or film or perhaps a famous musician in order to be able to provide the level of influence required in order to provide you with results as far as your required marketing was concerned. Now, pretty much anyone can become an influencer as long as they have an engaged following.

What this means is that there is a wide range of influencers out there that you can take advantage of, each of whom have their own niche that they can advertise your products and services to. What you need to do is decide which influencer you want to go to, since the fact that there are so many choices is the sort of thing that would certainly make it difficult for you to narrow down your options until you eventually come upon something that would enable you to optimize the results you would eventually end up obtaining.

There are quite a few tools that can help you to this end. These tools all provide new and useful ways for you to connect with influencers. One major problem that you might end up experiencing has to do with finding influencers in the first place. You can’t just go to the first influencer that you see since they might not have the kind of audience you are looking to target, so the tools that we are talking about here are going to make this part a great deal easier than it would have been otherwise.

Awario is a great tool that you can look into as far as connecting with influencers is concerned. This is essentially a social media monitoring tool that can search for mentions of your business or products on a wide variety of social media platforms, thereby connecting you with people that might have an initial interest in the kind of products you are selling which would uniquely position them to give you massive returns that might just end up becoming real game changers for your overall enterprise all in all. You get to use a fourteen day free trial as well so that you can see for yourself if this tool is truly going to be worth it for you all in all.

If you want a more focused approach, FollowerWonk might be quite useful for you because of the fact that it zeros in on Twitter specifically and enables you to find the most influential accounts on the platform. Twitter is a great place to get marketing done so focusing on this platform to start off with might just be a good idea.

These are just a couple of the numerous great tools out there that can connect you with the right influencers. If you check out the infographic (featured below), you would see that there are a lot more, all of which you should try because they all form an important part of the influencer ecosystem and economy.

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