Experts Suggest You Shouldn’t Reboot PC After Ransomware Infection

Ransomware is one of the most annoying types of malware that your PC can end up being afflicted by, and when you get it your initial reaction might involve trying to reboot your PC. The reason for this is that rebooting your system is generally a good quick fix for problems that you don’t quite understand but want to get rid of as quickly as possible, but the truth is that even if you think that this might just end up being a good solution in ransomware cases, it might actually make the problem even worse.

According to experts from Stanford University, Symantec and New York University, if your system is infected with ransomware then you should ideally avoid rebooting your PC at all costs. This is because of the fact that if you reboot your system then you will make it easier for the ransomware to do what it is currently trying to do. Instead of rebooting your system you should consider hibernating (or sleep mode) it since this is a much better technique that has a lot of benefits associated with it all of which are going to help bring your PC back into a state where you would finally be able to start using it once again.

Once you have hibernated your system, you should sever its connection to the internet and then go find someone who knows what they are doing to help you get rid of the ransomware for good. The main benefit of hibernating your system is that when a professional comes in to help you get rid of it, there is a decent chance that they might just be able to figure out where the ransomware came from which could help you prevent such infections from occurring again in the future, something that is a key component of protecting yourself as well as your data.

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