Protect Your Accounts From Hackers With These Simple Important Steps Revealed By A Cyber Security Expert

Although we know that the title has promised you of something that almost all of us would like to try out in order to protect our confidential information, but that being said, none of us can ever predict about any kind of cyber attack. Hence, the steps discussed can only be applied as a precautionary measure to drastically reduce the odds of cyber attack happening with you, which means that these can protect you against maximum threats but if you are having a really bad day, then hackers might just win.

However, we genuinely believe that these steps would be enough for you.

According to Alex Heid, chief research and development officer at cyber-security firm Security Scorecard, there is a massive majority of people out there who ignore the basic precautionary measures that can save their accounts from becoming “low-hanging fruits” and get attacked by hackers.

He explains it with a reference that imagine if you have a nice car and you are leaving it unlocked in a bad neighborhood. The internet is the worst neighborhood of today.

Heid didn’t stop there and in fact revealed the curtains from expert recommended steps that can help you in saving your accounts and sensitive information from hackers.

Change Your Passwords More Often

As per the words of Heid, hackers collect millions of login credentials and passwords in online databases, which they gather from a number of data breaches. So, even if they have one set of login credentials, hackers would commonly try to use the same details for other sites assuming that the person might have the same password everywhere.

To avoid this, you need to set out different passwords for every site and for the ones you use daily, try to keep changing the password every once in a while.

One Security Question For All Sites Is A Big No

Going by the similar principle, if one of the sites that you frequently use has been compromised in a data breach, the hackers would get the idea about the security question that you more frequently set for other sites too, which can further help them in resetting your password.

Try To Include Bogus Information In Your Security Question

Usually password reset questions ask you for your mother’s maiden name or the streets you grew up in. However, when it comes to giving answers, go for false information or inside joke that could confuse the hacker. It may look counter intuitive, but can be extremely effective.

Password Managers Are A Must

The best thing about password managers is that it can generate long, difficult to guess passwords while automatically saving them across websites, that eventually make your passwords diverse, hard to crack and even easier for you to manage.

Don’t Put Out Public Information Via Social Media

Hackers have a really strong sense of making accurate guesses about your personal information by looking at what you put out on social media profiles, especially if you use the similar information for password reset questions. So, things like pet names, kid’s birthday, your honeymoon or birth place or even a picture in your home town can help them in their hacking tactics.

Use Multi-factor Authentication

Finally, Heid believes that the most sure shot way of thwarting hackers is via multi-factor authentication or logins that identify your identity first by sending you an SMS on your phone or app notifications.

Now that you know what to do, so if you have missed any of the above,try them out right away for your own safety online.

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