Microsoft CEO Reveals Windows OS No Longer a Priority

Microsoft is one of the most profitable and well known tech companies in the world, and its most widely used and famous product is undoubtedly the Windows operating system. Windows is so pervasive as far as users are concerned that it has become synonymous with the very concept of operating systems for a lot of people, and most people would assume that this makes it a top priority for the people calling the shots at Microsoft nowadays.

However, after revealing all kinds of new products coming out of Microsoft’s vaults soon enough, CEO Satya Nadella revealed that Windows is no longer all that much of a priority for Microsoft. He stated that the priority now is to develop apps and offer services to users along with expanding the range of products that Microsoft tends to offer. Microsoft Office is one of the many suites that the company offers its users and it is without a doubt one of the most pervasive elements of the company’s business plan.

There are a lot of reasons why Microsoft will be moving away from Windows as its priority. One reason could be that Windows is one of the most widely pirated entities in the world, and there really is no way to change that. This is such a problem that Microsoft decided to just make Windows free for a lot of people in order to make sure that all of the versions being used were more or less official. This means that earning money through Windows is going to be more difficult than before, so it makes sense that Microsoft would start focusing its attention elsewhere.

That being said, it seems highly unlikely that Windows would be discontinued anytime soon. After all, it is a product that everyone uses and associates with Microsoft, and the tech giant would want to make sure that it stays that way.

Photo: SAM YEH via Getty Images

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