Twitter Brings Important Update for Android Users

Part of the fun of using Twitter is sharing funny tweets with the people that you are friends with. This includes your followers on the platform as well as the people that you follow, the relationships between which can actually be a great deal more profound than people would actually realize.

One aspect of using Twitter and sharing some of the great stuff that you see on the platform, some of which can be either hilarious or thought provoking or some combination of the two, is sharing Tweets via direct messaging. This can be really useful because of the fact that sometimes you might want to share something with someone in a slightly more private capacity since not everything that you talk about on social media is going to be the sort of thing that you want to voice out on a forum that is as public and unpredictable as Twitter.

iOS users have been able to avail the feature that allows you to share tweets via direct messages for quite some time now. However, Android users have been dealt the short shrift once again since they have not been given the same kind of update and are thus unable to share tweets directly to someone’s inbox.

While Android users often have to deal with updates coming to Apple users before they end up reaching them, it seems like their wait to be able to direct message tweets to one another is coming to an end at long last. According to a tweet from the official Twitter account, Android users are now going to be able to share tweets with each other via direct message. This is definitely going to improve the accessibility of the platform and will give Android users something new to look into that might just keep their interest in the platform alive for a bit longer.

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