China Is Not Yet In the Focus, Says Twitter CFO, Ned Segal

Ned Segal, Chief Financial Officer was asked about the future of Twitter in China, in response to this he said the company is currently focused on regions where Twitter is accessible.

One of the most popular social media platforms, Twitter is banned in China.

Segal said the company is working to make it a reliable and trust worthy platform. The information present on the platform should be true and people should freely indulge in it.

There are almost 145 million monetizable daily active users, means they are shown ads that run on the platform.

Twitter along with Facebook and YouTube received much criticism from lawmakers for being unable to control the spreading of fake news during the recent elections. However, the company combats the issue by banning and deleting the suspected accounts that spread misinformation.

Twitter generate a huge share of earnings through advertisement therefore, it continuously try to show most relevant ads in an improved ad format. According to Segal, advertisers have been allowed to use videos to connect with users.

The company is always trying to engage in more advertisers as the existing advertisers already us the platform to launch and introduce new products and services.

The third-quarter earnings of Twitter did not meet expectations due to product issues and the challenges of advertising, according to the company. Analysts predicted the revenue to be $756 million but the total advertising revenue was only $702 million, up 8% on-year.

“Mobile Application Promotion” that let advertisers promote the download of mobile apps on the platform, was held responsible majorly as it failed to target ads and provide data along with right measurement and ad patterns, as it was affected by bugs.

The company said it is currently working on the improved version of the software suite, whereas it is not yet confirm when it will be completed and ready to launch.

Photo: Wendy (Hogan) McEwan / Twitter

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