10% of Twitter Users Make All Political Tweets, Research Shows

Twitter is a very popular place for people to get news from as well as updates on the various political situations are occurring from around the globe. However, the majority of adults in the US do not use Twitter on a regular basis, and since there are so many tweets going around one can start to wonder where these tweets are coming from in the first place.

According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, pretty much all of the political tweets that go around on the social media platform come from only ten percent of all Twitter users. This may sound surprising to you, but the research is solid and it actually reveals a few key things about Twitter and the kind of role it plays in the modern era of social media.

Firstly it shows that most of the tweets that we see are recycled. They have been posted in one way or another but users have repurposed them, copy pasted them, and otherwise used that content for their own which is how tweets from ten percent of all of the users on the platform can end up representing every single tweet that is made about a particular subject on said platform.

Secondly it showed that there needs to be a little more diversity in the number of people that are giving opinions on various topics since this indicates that the political opinions that are being expressed show some kind of echo chamber which is never good because it will prevent people from engaging with opposing viewpoints.

Another thing that the research revealed apart from the ten percent of users bit was that the majority of Twitter users are decidedly anti-Trump, something that is actually a little surprising when you look at how much positivity Donald Trump gets on Twitter.

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