YouTube new update now supports HDR on latest iPhone devices

There still seem to be time in 4K YouTube support on iPhone and iPad but it is now possible to view videos in HDR in latest iPhone models.

The latest update of YouTube app has added HDR support for the newly introduced iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, according to Macrumors. Users can go to App Store and download the updated version to use the latest feature.

After the launch of iPhone X in 2017, YouTube supported HDR on some of the iPhones. However, after the introduction of the latest iPhone devices, it is being included for the very first time.

To enable the HDR with the latest YouTube version, tap the three-dots on the top right corner of a video. Click “Quality” and then select “HDR” from the given options.

HDR is not supported by all the videos on YouTube but many does. Therefore, you can look for a video that allows it to check HDR on your new iPhone.

For better results of a video in HDR, it is better to change the phone brightness to 100%.

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