New Facebook Feature Will Suggest Timing for Scheduled Posts

Facebook places a lot of stock in the fact that it enables you to reach an audience that you might struggle to find elsewhere, and it is for this reason that they try to make it easier for you to manage the pages that you are responsible for. Facebook’s numerous benefits include metrics that allow you to ascertain what kind of audience response your posts are getting as well as how often your posts are getting the kind of success that would enable you to expand your reach.

Whether or not you are running your page just for fun, if you are trying to run some kind of a business or if you are trying to market yourself as some kind of a musician, the fact remains that if you want to make the most of your page you will need all the help that you can possibly end up getting from Facebook all in all.

According to Matt Navarra, Facebook is testing out a new feature that is surely going to enable a lot of page admins to gain a lot more control over how far their posts end up going before the buzz surrounding them dies down. This feature is a suggested time that you would see whenever you are about to post a photo or video.

A lot of social media managers and page admins like to look into scheduling posts. This makes sense because of the fact that when you are making a post, you might not want to post it immediately. Instead you might want to schedule it for later so that you can maximize its potential in every single way.

Now when you are about to schedule a post, you will get a suggestion for the optimal time during which your post should be published. This is based on metrics regarding when your audience is most active, and will cut the work that a lot of admins have to do down by a pretty large margin.

Facebook has a new 'Suggested' time option for scheduling Page posts.

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