Fourth Quarter Digital Report Reveals Triumphant TikTok, Rising Pinterest

Every quarter a digital report comes out that reveals quite a bit of information about the state of the internet. This report helps people understand how several tech companies are doing, where the future of the internet is headed and which companies are struggling to make a mark and might just end up losing a lot of the users that they depend on.

The digital report that was released for the fourth quarter revealed some intriguing factoids about what is going on in the world of the internet and social media. For starters, the total number of people that are using the internet on a regular basis has increased quite a bit to the point where numbers are now around four hundred million higher than it was a year ago.

If we look at it from a percentages point of view, the total number of internet users has increased by ten percent.

Digital 2019 Q4 Global Digital Statshot

The total number of people that actively use social media on a regular basis has gone up to 3.75 billion. However, this might not have all that much to do with how many people are actually using social media. Much on the contrary it has to do with more access to mobile data networks, something that allows people to check in on social media far more frequently than they would have been able to otherwise.

If we look at some of the specific companies that work in the world of social media, Facebook owned Instagram has seen its progress flagging. In its place, the ever rising TikTok has been taking a lot of users.

Pinterest, a social media platform that has traditionally been considered to be an underdog, has also made some serious headway this year, indicating that users might just be branching out to platforms that are not owned by Facebook, although Facebook’s own numbers are so solid that it would be tough to say that the platform is in any serious trouble.

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