Facebook Launches Resource Hub for Marketers to See Growth Potential

Facebook claims that it provides the kind of advertising platform that can completely change the way that a particular business is seen within the context of the wider internet community, but before marketers start spending enormous amounts of money on the kind of advertising that Facebook provides they would need to see some data that would end up proving that Facebook actually does offer something that a lot of other platforms do not.

In order to make it easier for marketers to see how they can use platform to make the most of the brand that they might be managing at any given point in time, Facebook has released a “disruptor hub”. This hub is basically a place where marketers can gain resources that will not just make it easier to see what benefits Facebook can potentially end up providing but at the same time get some handy tips and tricks that would help them maximize the potential of their ad campaigns once they do finally decide that Facebook is offering them something that other platforms might not be able to compete with.

There are going to be quite a few different kinds of resources available in the disruptor hub. The name of this hub is “Build to Break”, and it will focus on disruptive marketing campaigns that call for a great deal of attention and therefore create a lot of buzz around the product that is currently being marketed.

One resource that will be available in the hub is Facebook’s “State of Disruption” report. This is a seventy two page report that shows how much success brands have already had using these techniques.

The second resource available here is called the “Build to Break Playbook”, and it contains numerous useful tips that marketers can implement in order to gather as much of an audience as they can muster for the brand that they are representing.

Hat Tip: Socialmediatoday.

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