The Right Way In Which Parents Can Address Cyber-bullying On Social Media (Infographic)

Has anyone ever bullied you while you were growing up, eventually as a parent? The chances are that the world is cruel and everyone has to face bullies at some point in their lives or in worst case scenarios, regularly. So, if you think that with the invention of the internet, your kids or family members are at the risk of being bullied one a large scale, then you are absolutely right!

To begin with what parents can do to address cyberbullying on social media, October is a perfect month to start as it is regarded as the National Bullying Prevention Month. It highlights the fact that cyberbullying is becoming an ever increasing concerns and it is about time that parents take the correct measures to be aware of how their kids are connecting online and in return what can they really also do to protect them from unhealthy interactions.

Fortunately enough, social media apps themselves are taking actions to eliminate cyber bullying as much as they can. In the last couple of years, we saw Twitter making the efforts to address its concerns with troll and abuse, whereas Instagram too - which is now more popular among the younger audience, remove the count of total number of likes on posts for the sake of reducing social pressure on its users.

However, a team from HelpYourTeenNow has brought forward an important infographic based on key stats, insights and resources that can help parents a great deal in improving the mental health of their loved ones.

While the advances would continue to be made on this front, it is actually the awareness regarding the problem that can play a more significant role, which is also the big take away from the infographic.

So, let's dive into the details right away.

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Featured photo: Justin Paget / Getty Images / Corbis RM Stills
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