All the Info on Google Ranking Factors for 2019 (infographic)

In order to make sure that any content that you post to the internet ends up getting seen by the maximum amount of people possible, you need to figure out how you can make your content get ranked as highly as possible on Google as well as a wide variety of other search engines that people might be looking for your content on all in all. If your primary goal is to have your content ranked highly you need to understand what factors influence these rankings.

Lots of different things are going to influence the ranking your website eventually ends up enjoying. Some of the factors have to do with the content itself. Keyword injection is a key component of optimizing your content for search engines, but there are a couple of techniques that you might need to keep in mind that would be influential in a lot of other ways. Just randomly putting keywords into your content is not going to cut it, you have to be strategic about what keywords you actually end up putting in whilst at the same time managing the quality of the keywords as well.

There are plenty of other factors that are going to influence your ranking as well, factors that are less concerned with things like your content and have more to do with, for example, how quickly your website loads as well as the kind of domain name that the content on your website is registered with. All of these factors need to be taken into consideration otherwise it just won’t be possible for you to make your content as well as your specific webpage rank highly on Google search results and this would result in a lot less traffic coming your way.

Check out the infographic below, which comes courtesy of LinkAssistant, for more ranking factors facts and myths.

Featured photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images

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