Twitter Is Going to Disable the Retweet Option for World Leaders Breaking Their Rules

Twitter has always been famous for being an open platform where people can openly interact with celebrities, sports stars, YouTubers, influencers, and even world leaders. The platform has been famous for confronting people upfront because it provides easy access to all the users regardless of their social status. However, it seems that Twitter is going to restrict the way users interact with each other.

Twitter has recently started focusing on the censorship, they have set policies and rules that are meant to ensure that no one gets offended because of someone’s opinion. Moreover, they are also ensuring that hackers and scammers cannot get close to the users. To enforce these policies, Twitter has taken a direct hit on the world leaders. According to a recent announcement, Twitter has announced that if the world leader does not conform to the policies set by the platform, users will no longer be able to retweet, like or share their tweets. However, to express the opinion, the user will still be allowed to retweet the tweet with addition comments sharing the opinion about the real tweet.

Although, the feature has not been activated yet, there are high hopes that soon this feature will be activated for all. Twitter was in hot water for quite long because there were serious allegations that the platform was not taking serious actions against the world leaders who were not following the rules.

Most of the people are sharing their opinion that this ban is directly pointing out towards one leader who is famous for tweeting about everything. However, Twitter has not yet announced anything if, the ban and change in the policies have anything to do with the American president at all. The Twitter spokesperson said that we want to convey the message loud and clear that no one is above the policy. Anyone who will tweet something to promote hatred towards another group, terrorism, makes threats of violence or tweet private information will have to face restrictions from the platform. However, when it comes to world leaders, the content will not be removed but the platform will decide how the users will interact with such type of content.

Photo: ALASTAIR PIKE via Getty Images

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