New Onion Program Lets You Create Dark Web Sites

OnionShare is a program that quite a few people are familiar with. It is essentially a file hosting network that enables you to share and receive data through the dark web, something that some users prefer because of the fact that it enables them to keep their privacy more or less intact which is the sort of aspect that privacy-savvy users are starting to take a lot more seriously in the wake of the numerous security breaches that have been occurring over the course of the past few years. The manner in which OnionShare does this is by turning your computer into a kind of data server, and restricting access to this server. Basically, anyone that wants to access your makeshift server will need to be using Tor, thereby making it far more likely that you would have a fair amount of privacy in this regard.

However, according to Micah Lee (the developer of OnionShare), a new version of OnionShare is going to offer something quite different. It will essentially make it easier for you to look into creating a website on the Dark Web. The dark web is a term used to describe the area of the internet that has not been listed on search engines. This means that Dark net is not accessible through traditional means, and that you would need a specific code, key and software that would give you access to that content.

Some people are criticizing this, saying that this would make it easier for criminals to access the dark web. This is because a lot of the dark web’s appeal is in the fact that you are not easy to trace when you are there, and many sites operating there tend to entertain criminal elements. However there are plenty of legitimate uses of the dark web too (for examples for journalist who want to break a story without compromising their identity), and if you want to make your very own dark web site you can do so with the newly updated OnionShare.

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