Instagram Makes it Easier to Manage Third Party Permissions

Instagram is the sort of company that deals with user photos, and this means that they have a responsibility to protect these photos as much as possible because of the fact that users are generally uploading relatively private moments on their accounts and they would not want these moments to be used without their permission since this is going to make it rather difficult for them to feel comfortable and safe while they are using the platform in general.

That being said, Instagram has not always been the best when it comes to helping users make the most of their user experience by enjoying a solid amount of safety and privacy from the platform. It seems like Instagram is legitimately trying to change that by tweaking its third party permissions and making it a little easier for various users to manage what third parties have access to their photos.

A third party is basically any kind of app or tool that connects to Instagram. For example, if you are using Tinder and you connect your Instagram to it, then Tinder is a third party app that is going to use pictures from your profile with your permission in order to boost your success on their own platform.

While most third party apps ask for permission before using your photos, some are notorious for being a little too lax about these permissions all in all. This is why a new security feature will show you a pop up window whenever an app asks for permission to use your data, and you can choose whether or not you want to allow this app to have access to your information.
"These updates will be rolling out gradually over the next six months and will ultimately allow people to have more control over the data they share with third-party services.", announced Instagram team in a press release. 
This isn’t going to fix all of Instagram’s privacy problems, but it’s fair to say that the social media platform is definitely taking a step in the right direction.

Instagram Makes it Easier to Manage Third Party Permissions

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