Twitter’s Joke About Knowing Your Tweets Stirs Up Controversy

One aspect of Twitter’s approach these past few years has involved trying to establish itself as a brand that can connect with users in a pretty big way. Part of this involves establishing a brand identity, and they are using their very own official Twitter account to do so.

Most of the tweets that have been coming from this account have been rather well received, with most users agreeing that this is creating an approachable, fun image for Twitter, one that might just be able to turn the tide and allow more users to approach Twitter as their platform of choice.

However, a recent tweet from the official Twitter account has stirred up a fair amount of controversy. This tweet basically involves Twitter asking whether or not you remember your first tweet. This question is followed up by a supposedly jocular “We Do!”.

The main purpose of this joke is unclear, but it is definitely an attempt at humor albeit a poor one all things considered. Many are wondering why Twitter is emphasizing the fact that it remembers your first tweet, with some users tweeting out that this tweet may be in violation of the data protection laws that were passed in Europe recently.

The fact of the matter is that Twitter is a big corporate entity, and big tech giants have been notorious for using user data in a manner that is not all that safe. Hence, Twitter reminding you that it knows what your first tweet is seems rather tone deaf, and it may just make a few people nervous about using the platform in the first place.

The joke has been somewhat well received by some, however, with certain users turning it into a meme that is probably going to last a very long time all in all.

Photo: Bloomberg / Gettyimages

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