Twitter Is Looking for Way to Make Tweets Ephemeral

Twitter is rapidly becoming one of the most loved social network because it is the only platform where users can get a real-time opinion straight from the person in question. From world leaders to famous celebrities, YouTubers and even sports stars, everyone uses Twitter. Getting updates, relevant news and some of the most phenomenal events in real-time can be expressed just in a few words or just a short video. Twitter is now trying to explore innovative ways to make the platform better and in a recent attempt, Twitter just introduced a policy update that even world leaders have to follow or the tweet will come under restriction.

To further explore the future of Twitter, how the company is looking into making Twitter fast, the future of video on Twitter as well as how policies and verification will affect the micro-blogging app, a detailed discussion was conducted by TheVerge with the head of product at Twitter Kayvon Beykpour. During the discussion auto-deletion of messages, rise of the private message as well as the idea of making content on Twitter ephemeral was discussed in detail.

On a simple question about ephemeral and if users will soon see Twitter stories, Kayvon explained that the design of Twitter has evolved so far. There is public conversion in the form of tweets, there are DM’s a really private way to conversation and then just private accounts who chose not to be the part of public conversion but when it comes to Twitter stories it seems that it will become a need soon and we are ready to explore this too. This is because there are people who want to share their content but they are not sure if they want this to stay for long, so a Twitter story is still an option.

When asked about the auto-delete option (also known as disappearing messages) for tweets because most of the time people are getting in trouble for it, Kayvon explained that this is an interesting thing to look at. Most of the people like to tweet publicly just because they want to share an opinion, however, now when someone gets famous or if there is something that is going good for someone, people try to dig deep into their Twitter account to see what they said about something a long time ago. People have lost jobs over simple tweets or things that they have said that they no longer mean or things that they said but meant something else. So maybe in the future, they will look into better options to sort these tweets maybe tweets will go private after a year or even give a solution where user can simply go and delete the tweets after some time, but this is still a far-fetched idea.

When asked if the idea of auto-deleting tweets is what Twitter means by making Twitter ephemeral, he explains that this is just a small idea or you can say a rather uninteresting way to solve a problem. Twitter, however, has a better solution that is more interesting but somehow they don’t want to disclose it now. Nevertheless, they realize that there is a high need for carefree content creation where the user realize that they don’t want this to stay permanent on the platform but also want to share it with others without consequences.

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