Facebook increases its bug bounty but how would it help the company?

Last year, Facebook has launched Data Abuse Bounty Program in September that give chance to researchers and coders to investigate that which application and website-that are related to the world’s biggest social media giant, are using users’ information in wrong manners.

Initially, the sleuths were allowed to observe the behavior and performance of third-part applications and sites but this Tuesday, the investigators are given liberty as Dan Gurfinkel, Facebook's engineering security manager, said.

However, they are required to take permission from third party to conduct penetration tests of them. Besides, the tests and observation should be executed according to rules and regulations of bounty but the websites and applications have to disclose all details and the information they used more than the past.

Gurfinkel is hopeful with this initiative. According to him the development would increase the scope of researchers as they will be rewarded for it.

The researchers can earn money by informing them about bugs and privacy flaws of users from third-party tools. They will be paid according to the size and vulnerability of the bug but they can earn $500 at least, but for this, they have to give proofs in the forms of tests and observations.

The trend of bug bounty is increasing day by day in the world of internet. Take an example of Apple. The company rewards $1 million to hackers who identify problem and flaws in the device or OS. This trend is benefiting the companies because it would lessen the chances of being misused by others for their own benefit which might cause loss of the company.

Recently, Tesla brought its car in Pwn2Own Vancouver.

Pwn2Own Vancouver is a hacker conference in which hackers have to find a flaw in the present devices and programs and win the product with cash prize.

The hackers found problems in security and won $35,000 with the car from Tesla.

Facebook is also planning to bring its hardware in in the event which is going to be executed in Tokyo next month in which it will award $60,000 and $40,000 to hackers who will identify flaws in portal device and in security system of Oculus Quest.

The company is ready to spend a lot of money on security and making its applications safe in order to keep themselves away from fines of authorities in which it has been tangled for last few months.

The company faced a lot of scrutiny in terms of security and privacy since Cambridge Analytica Scandal in 2018. Besides the researchers found complete database on social media that was collected by another company.

Photo: Photothek via Getty Images

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