Twitter tests out a new feature – brings the ability to ‘stream’ tweets in real time

The latest tweet by social media expert Matt Navarra reveals that the micro-blogging platform is testing out a new feature "Stream Tweets" that would enable users to consume content in real-time. This means that the users would find their Twitter timeline updated as soon as a tweet happens.

Many users will feel a sense of nostalgia if this happens as Twitter timeline was updated immediately before it introduced an algorithm-defined feed.

However, when it comes to Twitter’s functionality – the option is nothing new, as the users can opt-out of the ‘top tweets’ feed and switch to the latest tweets first mode via the option available in the settings.

But, yes, it would give a more active and real-time update to the Twitter newsfeed and keep the tweets coming without any manual intervention from the user’s side.

A Twitter user also revealed that the new option would be linked to the ‘Topic List Option’ that their team is building to categorize its accounts to follow.

As of now, the option is in test mode for a specific number of users. However, it is expected that the same would be available to a broader audience soon.

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